A utility-first CSS framework you should try

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Jupiter and Saturn conjunction

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  • Three.js basics
  • Create the stars (universe)
  • Add the planets
  • Add music
  • Loop animation


A few years ago I discovered this Christmas experiments website — an advent WebGL calendar featuring various digital artists. It looks like the project has been abandoned and the last version is from 2018.

Send data from beds24 iframe to Google Analytics

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Keep up with new CSS features and refresh some old ones

  • Its defining spec is likely to change significantly, in backwards-incompatible ways (i.e. it may break existing code that relies on the feature).

1. aspect-ratio

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Save the bandwidth and load the resources dynamically

Using modern JavaScript techniques

  • temperature (in Celsius)
  • icon (clear sky, rain, mist, etc.)
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  1. Display the data
  2. Performance improvement — load the resources when…

Utilizing CSS grid for more complex tables

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The list of protocols, systems and tools for decentralization

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And resolving conflicts in VS Code

What is a Git cherry pick?

Git cherry pick is a command that enables us to pick a commit that we want from one branch and apply it to another branch. I think that’s the most common scenario…

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